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A Good Time on Tap!

Mobile Beer Taps & Cocktails 

A Glimpse into the Tap

The Rusty Tap is a collaboration amongst two best friends whose one and only goal is to bring good times and good vibes to the people they come in contact with. It seems like everyone is out to make a quick buck these days and what makes the founders of ‘The Rusty Tap’ different is their passion for making people forget about their everyday struggles and enjoy the moment! Ben and Joe are a couple of guys that were fed up with living lives that were dictated by other people and chose to move down to the Sunshine State where they could start living life on their own terms. What better way than to get involved in the most important moments of people’s lives, right?! Whether it be a couples wedding day or a passionate philanthropist hosting charity events, we want to be the ones that provide peace of mind that beverages and good times are always on tap!

Happily Serving South Florida

  • Weddings
  • Private Parties
  • Corporate Events
  • Beer Festivals
  • Sporting Tailgates

We couldn't believe how fun having the tap truck at our wedding ended up being! My Dad has to be their biggest fan now! Great selection and Ben + Joey were the best to work with!

Jesse T.


Ben Meyers

Coming from the streets of Philadelphia (the suburbs...don’t let him fool you) he values his family and loved ones first and foremost. Strong support from those closest to him has given him the opportunity to pursue his passions. His passions include but are not limited (he will try and seduce you with his guitar . . . be careful), all Philly sports, family, having a great time with friends, working out (he’s not in very good shape) and lastly creating a business with his best bud Joe.


Giuseppe Colella

And now..standing 6 foot 2...out of Widner University..The great Italian Salami, the Big Prosciutto, Mr. Cleans biker brother, the one...the only... Giuseppe (Joe) Colella! Ladies and gentlemen, it is my absolute privilege to introduce this co-founder. Joe hails from the City of Brotherly Love and is married to his beautiful wife, Steph. Joe loves his Philadelphia Eagles (GO BIRDS!), and is one of the most motivated people on this planet (clearly since he decided to go into business with Ben. For anyone that has met this self-made comedian, you know he is one of the most generous and giving human beings on this earth. His mission has always been to bring good times and good vibes to everyone he interacts with. I would say building a mobile beer truck with one of his best friends is a great way to fulfill his life’s purpose!

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